Israel is pushing hard now for one reason, and it is the same reason why they have Obama and Clinton looking like Neanderthals over the worthy agency, UNESCO.

Obama is extremely vulnerable going into the next election, and he needs all the campaign funds and good press he can get.

It is a nightmare situation in which we have a tiny state with extreme views and never-ending belligerent demands literally push around the world’s super-power.

Although they play a role, American fundamentalist Christian notions about Israel are really not what determine this poisonous relationship.

It is America’s campaign-finance system that does, and also, to some extent, the concentration of media in so few hands.

The United States’ government is so bamboozled by Israel that it will do close to anything if Israel demands it loudly enough.

Kill an American citizen with impunity? Israel has done so on many occasions from the attack on the USS Liberty to the piracy on the high seas of a humanitarian convoy.

Use American high-tech weapons, supplied in great abundance at knock-down prices, while totally ignoring the strict provisions about use only for self-defense contracted into their supply? It has done so on countless occasions.

Ignore America and the world’s strict regime governing nuclear weapons? And doing so even while pointing the finger at another state, demanding that it be attacked although innocent of the very behaviour of which we know Israel is grossly guilty?

Ignore America and the world’s strict regime governing the proliferation of nuclear materials and weapons? Israel got off with complete impunity for assisting the apartheid regime in South Africa to develop nuclear weapons.

Start a secretly-engineered war of aggression, the 1967 War, in which you quickly seize the lands of millions of others – lands which you feel you are entitled from a 2500-year old collection of religious mysticism – and reduce the entire populations to an apartheid regime in which you strip them of all rights and proceed gradually to steal their homes?

Have the name of the most damaging, treacherous spy in American history, Jonathon Pollard, honored in Israel as a national hero?

Patiently endure an endless stream of demands that Pollard be released, the latest to which it has been reported Obama was almost ready to agree, completely to the opposition of almost all high-ranking military and intelligence officers, this last being the only real barrier against the lunatic idea?

The very fact Pollard was not executed in the first place, his treachery being far more damaging than that of most of the spies the United did execute?

Having Israel’s argumentative and demanding and unpleasant Prime Minister with virtually open access to the Oval Office?

Having the United States fight proxy wars for Israel, the only genuine explanation for the horrors of the Iraq invasion?

Giving Israel unfettered access to American markets and technology, often in direct conflict with the interests of American companies?

There seems to be almost no limit to Israel’s impossible demands of America.

Now the thug, Netanyahu, wants war with Iran. Israel keeps blustering that it will itself attack Iran – using, of course, the very American weapons whose use for aggressive war is contractually forbidden. But Iran is not helpless, and Israel knows, that even if it does have the capacity to attack a thousand miles away that there will be serious (and deserved) consequences.

So Israel wants a get-out-of-jail-free card from the United States if it does prove itself to have the capacity for a first strike, and, if it does not have that capacity, it again wants the United States to do its killing.

We have here a black comedy of, pound-for-pound, the world’s most belligerent and lawless little country demanding an attack on a country which has attacked no one in its entire modern history. And it makes this irrational demand of the world’s super-power, whose current weak and pathetic president might just prove inclined to grant the evil wish.

God help the world of our children with the deadly legacy of a genuine Frankenstein monster now driving its maker.

“Iran for 36 years has been taunting the Jewish State with “wiping it off the map”.. Constant anti semitism and hatred.. Now Israel will raise its mighty hand and nuke tipped Sam 44’s and lob one down the throat of the Beast! Happy Hunting!”

An incredibly ill-informed and violent comment.

Iran has not once threatened Israel, not once.

It does not even possess the means to do so seriously.

And every source of genuine intelligence tells us Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons.

The only support for your nonsense view was the current President of Iran’s mistranslated and endlessly repeated words.

What he actually said was no different to the CIA’s assessment of Israel’s future: Israel cannot maintain its current fantasy situation in the part of the world where it is located, in a sea of Arabs.

It will eventually meld with Palestinians and others into a single Middle Eastern state, with many of its non-Middle Eastern citizens, dual-passport Americans and Europeans, returning home.

Your comment serves only the purpose of exhibiting for all to see what irrationality and violence are at work in Israel’s demands.




The Palestinians are making plans for unprecedented violence to begin following their United Nations application for statehood?

Avigdor Lieberman is a sick extremist, almost certainly a man suffering from mental illness.

But his idiotic words, time and again, reveal for all the world to see the kind of thinking that genuinely motivates Israel’s government in its brutal behavior, and it sure isn’t the stuff of Netanyahu’s fantasyland speech before Congress.

Israel’s behavior just becomes more and more threatening and irrational as time goes on.

Right now, this small country keeps threatening war with Iran, as well as ceaselessly pushing the United States in that direction.

It has long supported an attack on Syria to overthrow that government.

It is threatening the border of Lebanon with regular incursions of fighter planes and troops, and it is threatening to seize offshore property of Lebanon.

High-ranking people in Israel have spoken of re-taking the Sinai so that the new Egypt cannot interfere with subsidized natural gas sales arranged by Mubarak with American support.

It is into its fourth year of an illegal and brutal blockade of Gaza.

It has alienated Turkey with its piracy and refusal to apologize for the murder of unarmed humanitarians.

Mr Lieberman himself is well known for – or should I say infamous for – his views on running Arabs out of Israel.

Israel continues to steal the property of Palestinians in the West Bank and in Jerusalem, only just recently having announced a development of 900 homes in East (Arab) Jerusalem, 900 homes on property stolen in broad daylight.

The world is reeling from the effects of Islamophobia, constantly promoted by Israel’s apologists, and America is bombing people in half a dozen West Asian and North African locations.

Meanwhile, the United States which cannot pay its bills continues to subsidize on a vast scale this small nation which is disturbing a good deal of the planet.


“Their policy of always blaming Israel while giving the intolerant religion of killers for allah [sic]a pass as victims is why we are at a dead end.”

Always giving Muslims a pass?

Always blaming Israel?

This is precisely the kind of sick, distorted view that explains the situation we are in.

The mainline press in the West constantly gives Israel good press, excessively so.

Israel never felt, as it should have, the force of the world’s disapproval for its savageries in Gaza and Southern Lebanon and on the high seas.

As for Muslims getting a pass, it is impossible to understand how anyone not as delusional as Avigdor Lieberman could make that statement.

Our press is filled with columnists who constantly speak for Israel. The list is a long one, but we have the likes of Thomas Friedman, Charles Krauthammer, Jeff Jacoby, Margaret Wente, and many, many others giving us reading material which might well have been written by Israel’s Ministry of Truth.

And the world’s most important newspaper, The New York Times, has a highly biased view towards Israel in everything that it writes. As does Rupert Murdoch’s The Times of London.

American television networks never report one tough thing about Israel. The effective censorship is astounding.

For example, right now in Israel, demonstrations on a giant scale – hundreds of thousands out of a small population – have taken place day after day. These demonstrations are by Israelis who are sick of the way the economy and politics of Israel operate.

They are just as real and just as significant as what went on in Egypt, but you will not see them featured all over our newspapers and televisions as were all the “Arab Spring” demonstrations and revolts.

That is absolutely voluntary censorship on Israel’s behalf.

And we have America’s huge Christian fundamentalist community constantly supporting every wrongful act of Israel with words and political pressure and money, even if they do so for their own weird mystical reasons.

Yet Israel’s apologists, like the writer of this comment, can make absolutely outlandish claims, and generally they are not called on them.

You don’t get solutions to ugly problems by not even admitting the truth, by pretending on fantasy concepts.

I am reminded of the United States’ decade of mass murder in Vietnam, and there always being “a light at the end of the tunnel.”

This writer and Avigdor Lieberman remind me of the old fairy tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes in which the Emperor paraded naked in the streets but no one dared call it to his attention.

That is precisely the situation of Israel, pretending to talk about peace, pretending to being a normal state, while constantly assassinating, attacking, torturing, and stealing the property of others.


“The core cause of the Arab Israeli conflict, local and regional, has nothing to do with “Jerusalem”, “settlements”, “borders”, “refugees”, “security” or “water”….”

There are none so blind as those who will not see.