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JFK files: Lee Harvey had ‘no links’ with CIA newly released documents reveal
Spy agency files say a thorough search had been conducted of records inside and outside the US

I’m not aware of any highly-rated researcher who ever regarded Oswald as having been CIA. It’s kind of red herring logical fallacy to say that he was not.

But, while never working directly for CIA, Oswald was unquestionably part of a flaky fake-defector program in the 1950s, a program associated with CIA.

He was recruited while in the Marines and taught Russian in one of the military or security service high-intensity language schools.

We know he spoke Russian before his phony defection.

James Angleton, a very senior CIA official as its Chief of Counterintelligence, created and ran that program.

The revealing fact is in the way in which Oswald came back to the US with no charges, with secret help, and a Russian-speaking wife. McCarthyite fury was at its height in those days, but it somehow didn’t touch Oswald.

Later, however, there is no question he worked as a paid FBI informant. His informant FBI number and an uncashed FBI voucher for $200 were discovered. But that obviously crucial matter was dropped when old J. Edgar Hoover assured the Warren Commission that Oswald had not been an informant.

There is a great deal of evidence of CIA obstruction and disinformation through the whole case. And now they are still at it. Why would that be?

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Response to another comment about the CIA’s Mexico City telephone intercept tapes having been “routinely erased”:

CIA also released a supposed surveillance photo to the investigation.

It was of a complete stranger, looking nothing like Oswald, and that fact was never explained.

The embassy was under 24-hour-a-day photo coverage and telephone intercepts by CIA. If Oswald or anyone went there, CIA would have proof.

Few things scream CIA hiding stuff more loudly than Mexico City events.

We have no actual proof Oswald even being in Mexico City.

Yes, for sure, someone who resembled him and claimed to be him was there.

But we also know someone who resembled him also pulled a number of showy stunts in Dallas before the assassination, including taking a car for a test spin with a salesman and talking bizarrely to leave a lasting impression. But the fact is that Oswald couldn’t drive.

Assassins don’t call attention to themselves this way either. It’s laughable.

What the Mexico City events represented was an effort to associate Oswald with Castro and Russia before the assassination. A kind of sheep-dipping.

The real assassins wanted to “kill two birds with one stone,” to eliminate the despised Kennedy and to have Cuba in some way be blamed so that it could again be invaded, and despite Kennedy’s Cuban Missile Crisis promise to Khrushchev not to invade.

And whom do we know who desperately wanted to invade Cuba?

You guessed right if you guessed the CIA.

Motive writ large.

Kennedy was killed for a series of reasons, all of them relating directly to CIA concerns, especially concerns about Cuba.

First, the failure of the Bay of Pigs Invasion by CIA-trained and supplied Cuban refugees when Kennedy was first in office. CIA blamed Kennedy for refusing the air support for the invasion. They had asked him for it when they explained what they had planned during the last administration, but he refused, not wanting Americans directly involved.

Second, Kennedy’s embarrassment over the failed invasion was acute and it caused him to fire three top officials, including Director Dulles. This did not go down well with the CIA loyalists. Dulles had the status of a demigod or Mafia godfather in those days. Kennedy’s people believed the invasion failed because it was so badly planned, not taking account of the intense loyalties to Castro in Cuba. The evidence does point in that direction, but big shots do not like being told such things. Resentments were positively feudal.

Third, when Kennedy made an agreement with Premier Khrushchev to end the Cuban Missile Crisis, he gave Khrushchev his pledge not to invade Cuba again. This infuriated CIA loyalists. During the crisis, Kennedy also established backchannel communications with Khrushchev, again something that would not be well received by CIA. And, still, in the early stages, Kennedy refused advice that the crisis be used as an excuse for an immediate invasion. And a good thing, too, since CIA was ignorant of the fact that Soviet troops working on the missiles in Cuba had some operational short-range tactical Luna nuclear missiles to protect themselves against invasion.

Fourth, and perhaps just the straw that broke the camel’s back, was Kennedy’s affair with Mary Pinchot, a beautiful and connected Washington establishment figure who was a free-spirit type and whose former husband was a very senior CIA official, Cord Meyer. As his wife, she had made her hostility to CIA operations well known in the circles who went to cocktail parties together.

Mary introduced Kennedy to marijuana (he welcomed anything which might help his bad back quite apart from any aspects of pleasure) and possibly LSD. Kennedy talked a lot with Mary about peace and doing something for peace. She became, unlike most of his casual lovers, a deeply regarded friend he loved talking to. Mary had a harebrained scheme of her own about trying to get a group of high-ranking wives in Washington to get their husbands turned on to LSD and peace. We can only imagine the faces of CIA mandarins learning these things from recorded pillow talk, on top of all the other reasons they felt Kennedy was unfit for office.