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“Two U.S. Soldiers Overheard JFK Assassination Plans”


Released assassination documents show that two people – Eugene Dinkin of the Army and David Christensen of the Air Force – intercepted  independently, in their official work with decoding and secret communications, some advance discussion of the Kennedy assassination. The names Jean Souetre, Guy Banister, and William Harvey were in the decoded material. Both men were committed to mental institutions for a time, the old Soviet trick to totally discredit someone.


Well, finally some really serious stuff from these record releases.

Much of what was released in the past made you wonder why the items were ever classified in the first place.

It is very interesting the name of the Corsican assassin coming up.

The greatest book ever written on the assassination was Anthony Summer’s original “Conspiracy” about forty years ago.

It is not to be confused with any of the later editions which are totally different books. Indeed, I’ve always suspected someone got to Summers for his later editions. The books tended to take the unconvincing Mafia-did-it slant which offialdom made great efforts to promote.

Summers, who was a gifted investigative reporter from Britain and did some other ground-breaking work, as with his books on J. Edgar Hoover and Marylin Monroe, mentioned the Corsican figure and trying to trace him in the original book.

Of course, the name Guy Bannister (retired Senior FBI agent from Chicago) is interesting too. He was in his retirement from FBI running some kind of dirty operation in New Orleans under a cover. Guns for anti-Cuba forces likely and other anti-Castro activity. He was a virulent American commie-hater type.

He had Oswald working at his shop, something we only learned by an accident.

Oswald was running a phony campaign about fair play for Cuba in which he handed out pamphlets to people which contained a form to be filled-out and mailed.

The concept is an old security agency trick for getting names of people who are sympathizers with some cause under suspicion.

The accident was Oswald’s in using an office stamp for Bannister’s Camp street office on the backs of some of the pamphlets. It connected them, and that wasn’t supposed to happen.

One eye witness also said Oswald was seen around the place. The Warren Commission ignored all such leads, anything which disagreed with the plotline created by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI, the people who did literally all of the investigative work of the Warren Commission. Hoover was a serious Kennedy-hater and had every motivation to see someone replace Kennedy, especially a crooked friend and fellow Kennedy-hater like Lyndon Johnson.

Oswald’s pamphlet activity has always been cited as yet more evidence of Oswald’s communism or sympathies with communism, but we know from many little facts that Oswald was not a communist. He was a patriotic type in fact. His statements about Marxism, made, mind you, at the time of working covertly with Bannister, were clearly legend-building stuff.

Just the opposite was true. He was being paid to hand out phony pamphlets and to do other tasks, working against Castro and with guys like red-neck Bannister.

Cuba is pretty much what the whole assassination was about, which is why the assassins needed someone identified as a communist as their patsy. There were large numbers of men associated with America’s security agencies at the time who were almost hysterical about Castro because he represented a serious challenge to an American Imperial Plantation System which had long kept an entire continent subservient.

And one of those particularly vicious types at the CIA was William Harvey, the third name mentioned on the intercepts. Harvey ran such dirty stuff as Operation Mongoose, a 1960 secret plan to decapitate Cuba’s leadership. He was known as CIA’s chief assassin.

Oswald’s earlier participation, when he was in the Marines, in a murky program of defectors to Russia to gain information about day-to-day life in the USSR – there were several such defections, and the later immensely-discredited James Angleton, head of CIA counterintelligence, appears to have run the program – basically tarred Oswald as a defector and communist sympathizer and made him an ideal candidate as assassination patsy.

Oswald was, in fact, a patriotic young American, having joined the Marines underaged, and was enticed into a covert defection program which offered a sense of mystery and fed his sense of self-importance. He was taught Russian by experts, which we know he spoke well before going to Russia and saw his time in Russia as an opportunity both to serve his country and to have a grand adventure., pretty heady stuff for a young ambitious man with little formal education and a poor background.

When someone saying he was Oswald traveled to Mexico City, shortly before the assassination, to secure a visa for either Cuba or Russia, he was just helping build the Oswald legend, helping set up Oswald as the assassination’s patsy.

The CIA covers such embassies 24 hours a day with cameras., and it records all phone calls, as you might expect.

But when asked by investigators, to produce a photo of “Oswald,” a completely different-looking man was in it and no explanation was offered.

When asked for phone recordings, investigating officials were told that the tapes had been routinely recycled.

It was just all rubbish, as was the entire Warren Commission report.




John Chuckman



‘It’s been 15 years. Not even the simplest questions answered’

DeSantis is right in his main statements.

This collapse has never been explained.

In the case of 9/11, one thing is indisputably true, and that is that the official explanation is incomplete, and that is true no matter who was responsible.

Those towers were so strongly built with their central core each of 47 massive steel caissons – 4-inch thick steel assembled into immensely-strong rectangular upright beams – that the crash of a plane could not possibly damage them. The underlying structure was deliberately designed to be impervious to the crash of a large airliner. The holes we saw on the airplanes’ striking the twin towers involved only the outer curtain-walls, which, along with everything else, were suspended from the caissons.

Also, aviation jet fuel – a form of diesel – burns at about 1500 degrees. The steel of those caissons required a temperature in excess of 3000 degrees to melt.

You can see in the videos that, after the plane strike, there are huge billows of fuel which burn off fairly quickly. Their smoke is even a different color than what follows afterwards. If nothing else had happened, this would have been an event confined only to several upper floors of each of the twin towers. There is even a video shot at one point of a woman survivor looking out from a corner of the huge hole in the wall. She clearly is not experiencing the steel-melting heat which was to follow.

The images of collapse do make it clear that the central core began collapsing before the façade in each building, and you can see it most clearly in a video of the top mast of one of the twin towers which shows the mast hesitating and then beginning to sink down and through the roof. Something unknown has made the central core support caissons below the mast fail.

After that, the whole cascade downward, facades and core, begins. And we see a different color smoke – likely from oxygen-deprived burning in the central core, which was constructed in sealed-off intervals to prevent fire storms from moving through the buildings. And we see at intervals rivulets of melted metal pouring out of places on the façade, something not possible from the heat of burning jet fuel, almost certainly steel melted by a special explosive such as thermite.

I do not believe the entire series of events was possible without demolition charges having been planted along the length of the central caissons, shaped or thermite charges attached at intervals, wired together, and fired electrically. The third large building to collapse, Building 7, only suddenly collapsed many hours later, and it was not hit by an airplane. It went down in precisely the same fashion, literally moving downwards, suddenly, at just the speed dictated by gravity, a fact which has been carefully measured.

Steel-frame buildings simply do not behave this way. There have been hundreds of fires in different parts of the world in such buildings, and this behavior has never before been seen. The only exception is when they are subject to controlled demolition. Then we see exactly the same pattern.

Those caissons were in fact all reachable from the central elevator shafts, and security at those towers was quite lax with a number of contractors and service people doing work over an extended period before the disaster.

Who was responsible? I don’t know, but it is clear that the official explanation of “pancaking” floors holds no scientific validity.

If the charges were set by the same people who arranged the plane hijacking, that fact alone would cause US officials to want to hide facts, needing to explain how weeks of work went ahead undetected inside the buildings.

The lack of security – especially in light of the earlier effort to bring a tower down with a truck bomb in the basement by another group – is embarrassing and very difficult to explain.

As far as the role of the Saudis, that is a red herring. Saudi officials paid Osama to stay away from Saudi Arabia, not to attack anyone. That really is what was being hidden with that 28-page report not being published. It was felt people wouldn’t understand and would misinterpret, which is just what they are doing now that it has been published.

The Saudis had no motive, none at all, enjoying good relations with the American government. If for any reason they had done this, the United States would have only been too happy to invade their country and seize its oil production, a far greater prize than the wastelands of Afghanistan.

No, the answer about who did this lies elsewhere, but don’t expect the United States to explain any time soon.

We still don’t know who killed Kennedy. We still don’t know the truth about TWA Flight 800, which was almost certainly shot down by an American Navy missile in error. And, of course, we still don’t know the truth about Malaysian Flight MH-17 in Ukraine, an event whose investigation the US government controls and deliberately delays so as not to embarrass its pet government in Kiev.