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“I Wrote a Book Exposing Bill Browder’s Deceptions Because He Could Trigger a Major War With Russia

“Having experienced, first-hand, a vicious war in Yugoslavia, caused by the same kind lying Browder engages in, this author felt he had to speak up.”


This is a well-written piece. I hope it stimulates people to read the book.

“Today most westerners seem ready to believe that Putin is a tyrant, that he routinely has critics and political rivals assassinated, that he amassed a vast personal fortune and that he runs Russia as his own personal fiefdom.”

Yes, and why is that? Our newspapers and broadcasts are larded with negative stuff about Russia all the time. I can’t recall a time recently seeing a good story about Russia, a huge country with all kinds of diverse and interesting things going on. Some of the stories reach frightening levels of paranoia, as this, following, not long ago in The Guardian (I could cite many more from that truly threadbare excuse for a newspaper, but this one marks a peak in their relentless efforts):

When it isn’t actual accusations of some unproved event, such as Theresa May’s weird Skripal Affair, it is just a clear assumption and tone that our press – always following our dishonest politicians as closely as baby ducks imprinted to waddle behind their mothers – is speaking about a country that is somehow “other,” a country that doesn’t operate by the same rules good old America does.

But it really shouldn’t surprise anyone who has a little history and who observes and thinks about things.

First, we must always remember that America waged a 24 hour-a-day internal propaganda war for decades on the subjects of Russia and communism. The FBI worked tirelessly on the subject, as did the CIA, and the press simply was constantly putting attitudes and perspectives “out there” instead of news or facts.

I still remember, as a young man in my home town of Chicago, when Lyndon Johnson first started committing men towards what would literally become an American-created holocaust in Vietnam, seeing a disturbing editorial in one of the more “liberal” papers in the city, the Chicago Sun-Times – liberal, that is, only by comparison with something like the Chicago Tribune, an unrelenting advocate for all things on the extreme Right. The editorial was headlined, I still remember, “The Reds Are at the Gates!”

Well, decades of that kind of stuff does leave some toxic residue, even after the world has changed. That’s why Germany carried on a long and intense campaign against Nazism after the Hitler years. But voraciously anti-Russia, anti-communist America never has made any effort to expunge the memories and results of the likes of J. Edgar Hoover and Allen Dulles and James Jesus Angleton.

And, today, America’s establishment has new reasons for not doing so and indeed for re-igniting the old fires. It is determined to dominate the globe and force advantages from other nations as a means of avoiding its inevitable relative economic decline and the future change in political influence that that entails. The Neocon Wars in the Middle East have been only one part of an effort in many directions and through many means, including threats and sanctions and coups and attacking international organizations of every description.

Russia and China, naturally enough, are seen as barriers against this intense new effort, but Russia’s geography, touching, as it does, America’s unofficial satrapy of Europe and with proximity to the Middle East containing America’s much-privileged colony of Israel, plus its capacity to literally obliterate the United States, make it the greatest target of establishment hate. Russia today and a number of other states welcome a coming multi-polar world. America’s establishment regards it only with fear and loathing.

America has done nothing now abroad but bomb and kill people for over a decade and a half. I don’t know the actual number of deaths – American sources are very coy about how many people they kill, as we learned in the First Gulf War where the number of Iraqis killed was never offered, although we know it was huge with B-52s dropping full loads on sand forts in the desert – but I’m sure the total comes in at no less than two million.

They’ve destroyed, or attempted to destroy, a number of societies – Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and others. And they work away at threatening and manipulating still others, everywhere from Iran to Venezuela or Nicaragua. They also tolerate atrocities by Saudi Arabia and Israel, and, to somewhat a lesser extent, by Egypt, because those governments serve and support their overall purpose. Browbeaten governments like Britain and France work as willing helpers while constantly misrepresenting to their own people what it is they actually are doing, as with the cutthroats of ISIS or al Nusra in Syria, whom they have supported and assisted.

And then there are the millions of desperate refugees created by all that destruction, so many they nearly destabilized Europe, and discussion of refugees in the United States, in its politics and in some popular culture, has turned into a national festival of hate, as though refugees did nothing but rob and rape and kill. And I am not exaggerating in the least.

Trump has been a keen promoter of these views and attitudes, but his words do not go out to an unreceptive audience. There are large portions of American society very receptive to such stuff, just as they are receptive to crude stuff about Russia.

And, of course, we have a hi-tech state-operated extrajudicial killing machinery that carries on day and night murdering people no one even knows anything about. The victims are selected by the very folks doing the killing, the thugs and psychopaths at the CIA. And when I say “victims” I’m not even referring to the many innocents killed in the explosions of Hellfire missiles, deemed as “collateral damage,” I’m referring to the targets themselves, victims in every sense of the word, people condemned to be burned alive with no charges or lawyer or trial or rights of any kind.

Now, while all that inhumanity and brutality from their own government goes on, you would be hard put to find large numbers of Americans who know much about it. Their press and politicians never directly speak in such terms. Everything reported is couched in euphemism or they just recite downright lies. And there is the fact that Americans often take very little interest in what is going on abroad – in part because America is itself such a large and noisy and dynamic and time-consuming society. But it is an attitude which very much assists the government in its great volume of dirty work. Surprisingly few people abroad I think appreciate this important fact.

When George Bush was running for president, he once bragged and laughed over telling people he never read the international section of his newspaper. It was the kind of stupid joke you expect from a very stupid man, but the anecdote is notable in that Bush felt very comfortable in making it while appealing for votes. The irony of the presidency now being an office having more to do with events abroad (in the imperial wars and manipulations of others around the world) than events at home is lost on many Americans. Their attitudes are extremely naïve.

There is also the tendency in people – especially people with strong ideological beliefs as many Americans have, which work to insulate the mind against outside influence, exactly the way strong religious beliefs do – to not really see what they are looking at. The best example of many I could cite, is Israel’s current relentless slaughter of unarmed marchers in Gaza. Organized gangs of snipers behind fences, week after week, shoot into crowds of people demonstrating for some rights. Something like 18,000 have been injured and something like 180 killed in cold blood, including women and children and even well-marked medics. Yet, Americans see this atrocity and cling to the narrative that Israel is only defending itself from terror, even showing “restraint,” and their press and politicians faithfully work hard to reassure them of that.

Of course, all of this stresses the importance of the press abroad, Russia’s being extremely important today because the press in American-dominated places like Britain and France reads and sounds a great deal like the press in America, mostly making the same assumptions and promoting the same narratives. It is actually quite a distressing phenomenon to anyone seeking decent information or even a little different perspective on events.

No critically-minded person automatically accepts the truth of everything in the Russian press either. Russia has its own efforts at persuasion and motives for evasion at times, but on many international issues it is clear that some valid information is supplied by Russia. That can be confirmed in many ways, from the voices of truly independent, respectable journalists to the rare authoritative voice speaking out from within a country such as Britain or the United States.

And even where it cannot be confirmed, the time-honored analytical technique of comparing what two very different sources, like the United States and Russia, claim about a story can be quite helpful in revealing roughly where the truth is. After all, that’s precisely what judges and juries in our courts do all the time. It is a valid technique, but you must have that other side of the story to use it.

If you are someone in the United States or Britain, say, who relies, day-in, day-out, on some single news source such as CBS or The Washington Post or the BBC or The Guardian, I can absolutely assure you, at least on the matters discussed here, that you are misinformed.

That’s a sad reflection on our Western society, with its claims to Enlightenment and humanitarian principles, but I can’t think of another broad statement that is any truer. The motives for deception and the size of the stakes for doing so rise tremendously with the dirty work of empire and aggression, the very work in which the American government is now engaged full-time.

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John Chuckman


JFK files: As Donald Trump looks to release classified documents, last living link to assassination drops bombshell
Antonio Veciana, 88, has authored a memoir that promises to shed light on one of the greatest mysteries of our time

This is one of the best summary articles to appear in any newspaper on the subject of the assassination.

I have a life-long interest in the assassination, have read most of the important literature on it, have written published essays on the subject, and have always been a skeptic on the Warren Report.

Indeed, “skeptic” is too tame a word. I have always treated the Warren Report as a shameful compilation of lies since its publication.

One of the greatest minds of the 20th century, Bertrand Russell, after reading an advanced copy of the report back in the 1960s, said:

“If, as we are told, Oswald was the lone assassin, where is the issue of national security?”

That profound question has never been answered.

Readers may enjoy;


Response to another reader who said: “The key to what happened centres on Kennedy’s sacking of John Foster Dulles in November 1962”

Yes, that and one or two other important events, but I think you mean his brother, Allen Dulles, Director of CIA.

The outcome of the Cuban Missile crisis, including Kennedy’s backchannel communication with Khrushchev, was another.

Kennedy opposed both Pentagon and CIA advice during the Crisis, and thank God that he did. They would have launched WWIII by landing troops to destroy the Soviet installations.

The CIA and Pentagon were ignorant of the fact that the Soviets had many thousands of troops in Cuba working on and guarding their medium-range missile installations.

The Soviet troops were equipped with a number of short-range Luna nuclear-armed missiles ready to be fired at any landing force.

I think perhaps the final spur for the assassins, if any were needed, was Kennedy’s romantic affair with Mary Pinchot (Meyer), a well-connected society type who had a project for world peace. She introduced Kennedy to marijuana in the White House and may well have introduced him to LSD.

She had a bit of a hare-brained scheme for getting eight high Washington society women to turn on their husbands to LSD and somehow manipulate them for world peace. The list of names does not come down to us, but they were all wives of major figures in Washington.

One can just imagine the mandarins at Langley listening to recordings of the Kennedy-Pinchot pillow-talk in 1963. And with Kennedy’s proved independent-mind set, I think they decided he was a danger to their idea of the United States.

Mary was assassinated less than a year after Kennedy, and her diary was stolen. She had got up a head of steam concerning what may have really happened to Kennedy while working on her own investigation, and being so well-connected, her investigation might well have been fruitful. After all, her ex-husband, Cord Meyer, was a high-ranking CIA operator.

She was completely aware of the things the CIA did and knew well many people like James Angleton and the Washington Post’s Ben Bradlee, almost certainly a covert CIA man.

By the way, many well-informed people believe Angleton himself ran the program of fake American defectors to the Soviet Union in the late-1950s, the one for which Oswald was recruited as a young Marine. Here was a young Marine in the late-1950s suddenly receiving communist literature in the mail at his base and who somehow mysteriously learned to speak Russian.

He was obviously being “sheep-dipped” for his “defection” to the Soviet Union. He then went to live in the Soviet Union for a couple of years, coming back to the United States with a Soviet bride, both of them admitted with relatively little trouble considering the harsh political climate then. They ended-up living among, and being assisted by, a community of Russian-speakers in Dallas, a truly remarkable connection.

The defection program was just the kind of goofy, elaborate scheme that that dangerous man, Angleton, was fond of. Years later, he was dismissed from the CIA, having caused a great many serious internal problems.

But he was still regarded as a demi-god in intelligence circles in the early 1960s, and his name comes up several times in key events around the assassination, especially for some years afterward. He was involved in retrieving secret files from Mexico City after the assassination, he was involved in events around Mary Pinchot’s murder, and he became embroiled in the infamous Nosenko affair at CIA during the 1970s, an affair with some connections to the assassination.

Having been part of the (secret) defector program and having returned to the US made Oswald a perfect candidate for patsy, being vulnerable to being described as a far-out communist, something he most certainly was not. We know Oswald was working as a paid FBI informant at the time (his informant number actually was discovered long ago), and he must have stumbled across the plotters in New Orleans who, in turn, saw his potential as a patsy.

The Kennedys were leaning hard in those last days on all the CIA-established Cuban refugee terror camps in an effort to improve American-Russian and American-Cuban relations. The CIA operations had been huge and made anything Osama bin-Laden later had in the mountains of Afghanistan look like scout camps. And, of course, the Kennedys well knew that the CIA often ignored or misinterpreted presidential directives with which its management disagreed, as they still do today. So, the FBI, undoubtedly against J Edgar Hoover’s personal wishes, was ordered to become involved in discovering and breaking-up facilities. Oswald was just one of their informants. He obviously hit the jackpot and paid with his life.