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“Two U.S. Soldiers Overheard JFK Assassination Plans”


Released assassination documents show that two people – Eugene Dinkin of the Army and David Christensen of the Air Force – intercepted  independently, in their official work with decoding and secret communications, some advance discussion of the Kennedy assassination. The names Jean Souetre, Guy Banister, and William Harvey were in the decoded material. Both men were committed to mental institutions for a time, the old Soviet trick to totally discredit someone.


Well, finally some really serious stuff from these record releases.

Much of what was released in the past made you wonder why the items were ever classified in the first place.

It is very interesting the name of the Corsican assassin coming up.

The greatest book ever written on the assassination was Anthony Summer’s original “Conspiracy” about forty years ago.

It is not to be confused with any of the later editions which are totally different books. Indeed, I’ve always suspected someone got to Summers for his later editions. The books tended to take the unconvincing Mafia-did-it slant which offialdom made great efforts to promote.

Summers, who was a gifted investigative reporter from Britain and did some other ground-breaking work, as with his books on J. Edgar Hoover and Marylin Monroe, mentioned the Corsican figure and trying to trace him in the original book.

Of course, the name Guy Bannister (retired Senior FBI agent from Chicago) is interesting too. He was in his retirement from FBI running some kind of dirty operation in New Orleans under a cover. Guns for anti-Cuba forces likely and other anti-Castro activity. He was a virulent American commie-hater type.

He had Oswald working at his shop, something we only learned by an accident.

Oswald was running a phony campaign about fair play for Cuba in which he handed out pamphlets to people which contained a form to be filled-out and mailed.

The concept is an old security agency trick for getting names of people who are sympathizers with some cause under suspicion.

The accident was Oswald’s in using an office stamp for Bannister’s Camp street office on the backs of some of the pamphlets. It connected them, and that wasn’t supposed to happen.

One eye witness also said Oswald was seen around the place. The Warren Commission ignored all such leads, anything which disagreed with the plotline created by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI, the people who did literally all of the investigative work of the Warren Commission. Hoover was a serious Kennedy-hater and had every motivation to see someone replace Kennedy, especially a crooked friend and fellow Kennedy-hater like Lyndon Johnson.

Oswald’s pamphlet activity has always been cited as yet more evidence of Oswald’s communism or sympathies with communism, but we know from many little facts that Oswald was not a communist. He was a patriotic type in fact. His statements about Marxism, made, mind you, at the time of working covertly with Bannister, were clearly legend-building stuff.

Just the opposite was true. He was being paid to hand out phony pamphlets and to do other tasks, working against Castro and with guys like red-neck Bannister.

Cuba is pretty much what the whole assassination was about, which is why the assassins needed someone identified as a communist as their patsy. There were large numbers of men associated with America’s security agencies at the time who were almost hysterical about Castro because he represented a serious challenge to an American Imperial Plantation System which had long kept an entire continent subservient.

And one of those particularly vicious types at the CIA was William Harvey, the third name mentioned on the intercepts. Harvey ran such dirty stuff as Operation Mongoose, a 1960 secret plan to decapitate Cuba’s leadership. He was known as CIA’s chief assassin.

Oswald’s earlier participation, when he was in the Marines, in a murky program of defectors to Russia to gain information about day-to-day life in the USSR – there were several such defections, and the later immensely-discredited James Angleton, head of CIA counterintelligence, appears to have run the program – basically tarred Oswald as a defector and communist sympathizer and made him an ideal candidate as assassination patsy.

Oswald was, in fact, a patriotic young American, having joined the Marines underaged, and was enticed into a covert defection program which offered a sense of mystery and fed his sense of self-importance. He was taught Russian by experts, which we know he spoke well before going to Russia and saw his time in Russia as an opportunity both to serve his country and to have a grand adventure., pretty heady stuff for a young ambitious man with little formal education and a poor background.

When someone saying he was Oswald traveled to Mexico City, shortly before the assassination, to secure a visa for either Cuba or Russia, he was just helping build the Oswald legend, helping set up Oswald as the assassination’s patsy.

The CIA covers such embassies 24 hours a day with cameras., and it records all phone calls, as you might expect.

But when asked by investigators, to produce a photo of “Oswald,” a completely different-looking man was in it and no explanation was offered.

When asked for phone recordings, investigating officials were told that the tapes had been routinely recycled.

It was just all rubbish, as was the entire Warren Commission report.









The Globe’s piece on the interview with Judyth Baker is so condensed, I’m sure it has lost much meaning.

I cannot at all assess her words treated poorly, as they are, by the Globe, although when she mentions things like the Reily Coffee Company, I know exactly to what she is referring.

The cancer labs ring bells too since a significant figure in the conspiracy was a highly eccentric pilot and gifted amateur researcher in New Orleans named David Ferrie, a man who was later murdered in an extremely violent fashion.

Her connection of the lab work like that with the CIA is likely something she surmised but did not actually know. If the CIA sets up such operations, the people who work there never know for whom they are actually working, much like the employees of the fake Apple Stores in China who believed they worked for Apple.

Her talk about Oswald in intelligence also rings true. Oswald, when he went to Russia from the Marines, was undoubtedly a low-level spy set up to find out about the realities of Soviet life by one or another of America’s numerous intelligence agencies. We know for a fact that there were a few other servicemen who did much the same thing in the 1950s.

Her talk about Oswald’s loyalties rings true. He was, in fact, a fairly patriotic young man who joined the Marines when underage, and because of his above-average intelligence, he was trained for secret radar operations with the new U-2 ultra-high flying spy planes in Asia.

The young Marine suddenly had a series of still unexplained incidents in his life abroad, started taking an interest in Russian matters, and someone trained him in a condensed course in the Russian language, a difficult language to learn. The course almost had to be the kind developed by and commonly used by the American military and intelligence.

Then he showily defected to Russia, with a lot of silly, deliberately public statements about his approval of the Soviet Union – something which totally goes against every factual thing we know about Oswald.

When he eventually returned, he was peacefully integrated back into American life…with, of all things, a Russian bride – this, at a time when there was such intense red-baiting that you could get in trouble in the United States for subscribing to the wrong magazine. It really was that dark and hostile, and what happened with Oswald’s return just could not ever have happened without hidden explanations.

(Oswald’s reintroduction to American life included his mysterious introduction to a group of Russian-speakers living in the Dallas area, an event whose probability of chance happening must be virtually zero.)

We also know Oswald worked at least part time in the period of his work at the Reily Coffee Company as an FBI informant. The Warren Commission itself was knocked off its pins when it learned something of this, but managed to sweep it under the carpet.

Next door to Reily’s was the Crescent City Garage, which just happened to provide parking for various government agencies. Two blocks away was the Newman Building, where ex-senior FBI Agent Guy Bannister had an office and where Oswald was not only seen but some of the pro-Castro leaflets Oswald sometimes showily distributed were actually stamped with its address.

There is sound testimony that a known FBI agent was seen once handing Oswald an envelope around the Reily location. Money? And of course, Oswald’s last note to the FBI in the Dallas office was literally destroyed by the Agent in Charge immediately after the assassination. We have nothing but lies about what it said from the very people who should have gone to prison for destroying evidence and obstructing justice.

As someone who, years ago, spent a good deal of time studying the assassination, I remain convinced Oswald was sucked into something he did not fully understand, but he didn’t shoot the president, and indeed, both temperamentally and by poor shooting skill, he simply couldn’t have.

The only genuine candidates for carrying out the elaborate scheme – and it was elaborate – were a few well-equipped candidate groups who had genuine motives and plenty of resources. For any one of whom to be identified in 1963, would have meant a major loss of confidence in America’s security organizations and perhaps a major blow to American policies. Also, there is the distinct possibility that the authorities never learned who was responsible – a fact itself which have been highly damaging to the sense of national security and well worth covering up.

While I have many questions about the statements thrown together in the Globe piece, I know Ms Baker is an intelligent woman who did indeed work in research. That is no guarantee of truth or of detailed knowledge but it is reason to read what she says. I look forward to reading her book

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“Oh, God… Spare us the JFK conspiracy nonsense.

“I’ve been to Dealey Plaza and the ‘grassy knoll’ several times. The physical space is much smaller than it appears on the Zapruder film.

“Any decent Marine markman could’ve laid down several accurate shots from the Texas School Book Depository window.

“End of story. Unless you’re Michael Moore.”

Just the kind of comment one gets from someone who has read or studied virtually nothing serious on the subject but yet feels qualified to speak.

The Zapruder film – long suppressed early on – shows Kennedy’s body responding, according to the laws of physics, to a shot from the front, full stop.

Interestingly, several notable press descriptions of the unseen film at the time – most notably Dan Rather’s on CBS – proved absolutely inaccurate later.

Interesting also is the fact that in the Warren Commission’s hastily assembled jumble of evidence, some key frames from the film were printed out of order, blurring the evidence of response to a projectile from the front.

The Luce family who originally purchased the film – of Life Magazine and Time fame – were well known for cooperation with the CIA. Luce publications are known to have been used as covers for phony foreign correspondents.

The autopsy photos, poor as they are, show massive damage to the rear of the head, half the scalp hangs down – always evidence of an exit wound with bullets as they mushroom through flesh.

The doctor in charge of the autopsy wrote one report and then destroyed it – actually a criminal act.  The one we have is his re-write, the re-write of a military man under great pressure.

All those attending the president at the hospital in Dallas attest to massive damage at the rear of the head.

Bullet entrance wounds – unless dum-dum bullets are used – always resemble what you’d see from the stab of an ice-pick. Often they are almost undetectable, as witnesses to the killing of a young man at a Toronto school realized.

The Warren Commission said hard-jacketed bullets were used, so the case for the back of the head being an entrance wound is zero.

Oswald was not a decent “Marine marksman.” He was a terrible shot, getting his badge finally as a mercy with a low score.

Those who knew him in Russia confirm his utter lack of facility with a rifle.

Finally, no expert marksman has repeated the feat attributed to Oswald. Indeed, a few years ago, tests in Italy – it was an Italian rifle supposedly used – confirmed its impossibility.

The overwhelming majority of witnesses in the Plaza turned towards and pointed towards and ran towards the grassy knoll immediately after the shots.

Last, the second investigation of the assassination – the Congressional one – accepted that there was a shooter from the front on the basis of expert analysis of inadvertent recordings of a policeman’s motorcycle radio left open.