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John Chuckman




What is the row over Jeremy Corbyn and antisemitism about?


Response to a comment, “Antisemitism has been weaponised by those in the right of the Labour party, Labour friends of Israel and the right wing media to bash Corbyn, following on from the previous Red Corbyn campaign”:



It is nothing else.

Corbyn is not liked by the Israel Lobby, a very real force today in British affairs.

Their kind of man is Tony Blair or Owen Smith.

Blair’s ugly influence on the general public, despite many efforts by the corporate press to revive his rotting political carcass, has been destroyed. He’s widely regarded as the liar and mass killer that he is.

Owen Smith still tries, but he has always been an ineffectual and rather arrogant politician, and it was his demotion, after again trying to tell the Party leader what to do, that brought all this latest wave on.

The campaign against Corbyn has been almost continuous from his first election, just with little splutters of greater or lesser intensity.

Every Britain should ask, is it right that our democratic government and corporate press are so influenced by unproven claims from a relatively small group – a group, which never offers proof of anything and which, moreover, very much has an agenda of its own?

They also should ask, if it is true that there is so much anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, why didn’t the beloved Tony Blair root it out and create a benign environment long ago?

It couldn’t explode into being overnight, as it were, yet that is the nonsense idea contained in all of these vicious attacks on a decent man. It’s very much akin to believing in demon possession.

This is a fraud, a very unpleasant fraud, and it is using the ugly tactics supposedly discredited long ago after the fall of Senator Joseph McCarthy and his career-destroying “commie” witch hunt.

But the tactics, in fact, have not been discredited. They still work. Throw enough crap on the walls, and some of it sticks, always. That principle is as true today as ever, and it is employed just as frequently by special interest groups and governments as it was in Joseph Goebbels’ day.

That is precisely the approach of Theresa May and Boris Johnson with their accusations of poisoning, an event which for all the world seems never to have happened. If it indeed did, we have been given not a scrap of proof regarding any aspect of it. Yet the shouting and charges just keep being hurled.

Corbyn is under attack only for his fair-minded views on Israel-Palestine, but it would never do for his opponents to say that openly since its sounds ridiculous, so we have this ugly McCarthyite campaign either to intimidate him or to unseat him, something Owen Smith, of course, already has tried doing.

Of course, over the long-term, piling on unsupported charges of “anti-Semitism,” much like the crying of “Wolf!” by the unpleasant boy in the fairy tale, only serves to bring the day when most people will simply respond with, “So what?”


No one can doubt that Jeremy Corbyn is one of the most decent and thoroughly liberal-spirited politicians in the western world, and you might think he would be welcomed and greeted for that very quality, but you would be wrong. That quality is precisely why he is so hated by apologists and lobbyists for Israel.

People who do not keep up with public and international affairs may not be aware of what a term of contempt “liberal” has become in Israel. It is used almost like a four-letter word, sputtered out with contempt. Liberals are widely hated for the very qualities which define liberalism: belief in human rights and dignity and the rule of law. Clearly, the Israel we see at work could not function under such assumptions.

What you find in Israel very much parallels what you find from America’s Alt-right. On its Internet sites, the Alt-right almost cannot bring itself to use the word “liberal,” regularly substituting (pathetically childish) pejoratives like “libtards” and “snowflakes.” There obviously is no meaningful discussion possible with such people, and that is exactly the way they want things to be.

So, we have some very dark forces at work in our world, forces openly expressing contempt for fairness and decency and rule of law, forces pushing away debate or discussion, forces exhibiting extreme contempt for large groups of others, forces who want what they want regardless of how they obtain it. I do believe that gets pretty close to defining fascism.