John Chuckman



Margot Wallstrom, Sweden’s Foreign Minister, is right in speaking out against extrajudicial killings by Israelis.

Sweden is one of the few countries speaking truth to Israel’s terror and abuse of Palestinians.

If America could only get the political courage to speak the same way,things would rapidly change.

How can anyone justify the perpetual bondage and abuse of millions?

And these latest horrors in the streets are only more of what Israel has always practiced, trying to make the Palestinians so miserable that they will pick-up and leave their homeland.

But Israel badly underestimates the courage of Palestinians.

Eventually, what we see in Israel will fall apart, just as the Soviet Union fell apart.

You cannot keep a society going forever based on lies, abuse, and violence – which is exactly what Israel attempts to do.


Response to a reader making a comment about the old Mufti and Hitler story used to justify Israel:

The reader is just writing complete nonsense, and he apparently is unaware of the fact.

The “Mufti story” is a pathetic old lie, recently given new life by the madman running Israel, Netanyahu, in a renewed effort to discredit the Palestinians, making it appear they themselves earned their horrible fate under Israel.

It is exactly comparable in its truth and accuracy to “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” which is something of course despised by Jews everywhere.

The Mufti briefly did meet with Hitler, but then so did many eminent people, including the King of England. Hitler was at the time keen to have Jews emigrate anywhere, including to Palestine. He and the Mufti discussed nothing diabolical.

Dieter, at the Nuremberg Trials, was trying to save his own skin in spinning the fable that the meeting was otherwise.

Also, as with many destructive people, nihilists and psychopaths like Dieter, he was leaving behind a web of lies to confuse and damn his opponents and those he hated. We sometimes see, for example, imprisoned serial killers taunting police and relatives about there being more unknown victims and refusing to give any details, leaving at their deaths a horrid cloud of doubts and fears.

Unfortunately, much of Israel is built on just such nonsense, much of it undoubtedly sincerely believed by some Israelis.

The single greatest piece of nonsense accepted in Israel is that today’s Ashkenazi Jews are a people who have been wandering around for two thousand years and have now returned home. It is simply a myth.

Rome did not expel the Hebrews after conquest. This was not its practice anywhere.

The Ashkenazi who run modern Israel are a European people. Their native language – Yiddish – is largely German in origin.

DNA tests in recent years established that they likely arose near Italy about a thousand years ago and later migrated to Eastern Europe.

Virtually all of the food we think of as “deli food” native to Ashkenazi Jews, is actually from Eastern Europe – Germany, Romania, and Russia – where the Ashkenazi lived for centuries.

The word Ashkenazi means German.

After the rise of Christianity – which began as one of many spin-off sects of Judaism, sects we’ve learned about from the Dead Sea Scrolls and other material – mainstream Judaism itself appears to have become more evangelical in light of Christianity’s success in gaining followers, certainly more so than we think of it today.

Various other people in Europe and in Africa were proselytized and adopted Judaism. Thus, we have the rise of the Ashkenazi along with other non-Hebrew, Jewish groups, as in Africa and Central Asia.

So who are the Palestinians? The descendants of the original Hebrews, undoubtedly mixed with other groups who passed through the region over twenty centuries.

Clearly they adopted Islam at some point, although there are many Christians among the Palestinians, something Israel studiously avoids speaking of so as not to anger its supporters among American Protestants.

It is all a terrible situation.

The resolution will come however when the current unsustainable State of Israel goes the same way the unsustainable Soviet Union went.

You cannot long-term maintain an empire built on lies and oppression. It is moreover the most subsidized political entity on earth, receiving huge flows of wealth from America and Europe, public and private.

Jews will always live in the region, but the Israel we see today will crumble away. It is for most not even a good place to live, and many Israelis hold dual citizenship.


Response to a reader who asked what Putin would do with Muslims stabbing Russians:

The stabbing events are greatly exaggerated by Israeli propaganda, although they do happen.

And what a surprise if some desperate Palestinians do behave in this way when Israel as a state treats all Palestinians as unwanted trash.

No rights, no freedoms, no common respect or decency – that’s what it means to be born into Palestine. You cannot even own your home or farm with any security. Israel grabs what it pleases.

It is not hard to imagine desperate young men slashing out after a lifetime of such inhuman treatment.

But as I said, the stabbing is exaggerated. We have video on You-tube showing us some true scenes of Israeli soldiers simply murdering Palestinians in the streets.

There was one of an Israeli soldier throwing down a knife at a Palestinian’s feet and barking orders about picking it up, which of course would have meant being blasted full of holes.

The Israeli authorities – always desperate to hide the truths of their state’s existence – just recently met with Google and You-tube to try pressuring them to censor what Israelis call “inflammatory” video. This is video anyone one else in the world would compare to American videos of brutal cops shooting black kids in the back, events which also have become increasingly common.

There can be no valid comparison between Russia, or anywhere else on earth, with Israel in these circumstances.

My own view is that many people in Israel are becoming increasingly frustrated and angry with a situation that has no solution under Israel’s current, self-imposed political assumptions. The Palestinians do not go away. Their numbers grow. Israeli authorities are reduced to really ugly, inhumane tactics day-in, day-out. It is a depressing situation with no good prospects, and it is all the sole responsibility of the government of Israel.