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John Chuckman


The proposed measure to criminalize some travel by Canadians is totally in keeping with Stephen Harper’s ferociously controlling, anti-democratic temperament.

It reminds me a great deal of repressive American measures during the Cold War, a time of genuine craziness and dark extremes.

Canada is not that kind of society. In a free society, and people travel where they wish.

Moreover, if you are the kind of person who wants such Stasi-like restrictions, then you should insist they be applied in all cases.

Without question, young Canadians who go to the United States or to Israel to join the armed forces are involved with the two greatest sources of official state terror on earth, at least as measured by the sheer number of people those countries kill, suppress, and abuse.

It is an easily-confirmed fact that no publicized terrorist organization on earth has a record of killing remotely similar to that of these two states over recent decades.

Yet, somehow, I can guarantee Harper’s law would not include those two jurisdictions.

It will include only those places deemed suitable by Stephen Harper, in consultation, of course, with his heavyweight political contributors for whom he works so hard to please with custom-made national policy.

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