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John Chuckman


“Joe Biden says we are living in ‘one of the most dangerous times in modern history’’

Oh please, that’s American televangelist stuff.

And the dangers we do face – Neocon Wars in the Middle East and treating Russia as a threat – were all created by folks like Joe Biden.

Biden is the insider’s insider in Washington. Flexible principles to meet the circumstances. The full embrace of American empire. Tool of lobby groups. And a man who has never really stood up to be counted on anything.

By the way, America’s hideous extrajudicial killing operation was strongly advocated for by Joe Biden. He helped sway Obama.

‘Do you think [Trump] really cares about the kids I grew up with in Scranton, Pennsylvania, as far as their economic well being?’

Now that statement comes close to being absurd in contemporary America.

Does Hillary Clinton care? Does Barack Obama care? Does Joe Biden care?

Well, if indeed they do, there’s little they’ve ever done to demonstrate it.

That Biden rhetoric I actually find quite offensive. Not because I think Trump needs defending, but because the rhetoric is so plainly fraudulent.

It harkens back to Democratic Party values from FDR to JFK, and it cheaply plays on those memories and emotions.

But those are not the values of today’s Democratic Party, not at all. The economic welfare of average Americans has not featured in American government for half a century.

Washington politicians long ago stopped talking about the “poor” or the “needy.” They long ago stopped talking about ruined cities that need rebuilding. Just listen to their speeches. They speak only of “the middle class,” and this is just as true for Democrats as it is for Republicans.

America has spent literally trillions and trillions of dollars for war and the dirty work of the CIA over the last half century as it marches off to various corners of the world enforcing its empire and making others toe its line.

Even a fraction of that money could have remade millions of lives in America. But guys like Biden have been quite content to support the whole ugly business, only using the old sentimental rhetoric when they want a vote.

And since America does not even really have the money to pay for all the horrors it inflicts on others, it does it by adding to the most titanic debt in human history. And just who do you think pays for that debt and its interest?

You’re wrong if you said Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton or their many wealthy campaign contributors and lobbyist friends.

No, it is precisely the little people Biden is exploiting in his rhetoric who pay, who cannot avoid paying, who cannot afford high-end tax attorneys, who cannot use offshore tax shelters, and who do not have taxpayer-funded foundations.

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