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“Sean Hannity Is Doing a Great Job Covering Russia Hoax

“Hannity’s bottom line point is: if we don’t win the mid-terms, we’re never going to get to the bottom of any of this. It’s a very big deal.”


Sean Hannity is just conducting a more sophisticated form of propaganda. We are talking about Fox News, after all, not one of the world’s seekers after truth.

The bottom line here is that the people Hannity represents are afraid of big Democratic gains in the Congressional elections, which are indeed expected.

This would turn Trump into a “lame duck” for his last two years.

There simply are no truths “anyone is going to get to the bottom of” in this corrupt matter, any more than Trump is going to “drain the swamp” or “send Hillary to jail.”

It’s all laughable. America’s is simply not a rational, rule-of-law government. It more resembles what it must have sounded and smelled like after forty days on Noah’s Ark. A huge cesspool, and those playing in the filth have completely lost their sense of smell.

Of course, all the noise on all sides over matters like this keeps the people occupied and distracted from the country’s real problems, problems which are never even discussed.

The truth is dirty behavior occurs regularly by both American political parties and that American agencies like the FBI are used and bent in all directions to serve power, over and over.

America is just plain corrupt, but it never stops pretending otherwise.

There’s that stupidly childish illusion about “if you could just drain the swamp, everything would be okay.” The only cleansing of American government that would actually mean anything would be shutting it all down and starting over from scratch. The reality is truly that bad, but that, obviously, is not going to happen.

So, the world is stuck with this corrupt, selfish, and unthinking giant, stumbling along into its decline, hurling threats and challenges in every direction, spending money like a drunken sailor, money it doesn’t even have, wasting immense resources on destruction and dominance rather than improving anything anywhere, making enemies and offending friends and only effectively speeding its own decline. Hating Russia is just part of the establishment’s new cult of “America first everywhere and in everything.”

And it’s all as American as apple pie, as they say, America having gone through past periods of temporary insanity, insanity not of all its people but of its privileged leaders and their powerful servants. Power is power, no matter how it is obtained, and those with real power in America have no thoughts for all the people, ever.

“All the people” simply do not count for much, although lip service is paid. The increasing anger in American political discourse on all sides and from top to bottom, I believe, in part reflects a perception – almost a kind of vague, dumb animal perception rather than any clear understanding – by great parts of the population that some things are very wrong.

And they are right, some things are very wrong, but they aren’t the fault of Muslims or refugees or illegal aliens or liberals or gays or Russians or Chinese. What is wrong is that plutocracy has become the day-to-day reality of American government, and all the agencies of government serve it slavishly as do both political parties.

A world empire driven by plutocratic government and frighteningly powerful agencies in its service has no time for “all the people,” ever, and most of what it spends resources and effort on is utterly selfish and corrupt.

“All the people” are kept misinformed by streams of prejudiced nonsense from leaders and the faithful press – all in the service of billionaires, gigantic corporations, and a world empire which operates like a giant gambling casino generating wealth and opportunity for its owners.

The “Russia hoax” thrived, and survives still, not because of Hillary, not because of Democrats, not because of the FBI, but because the entire American establishment is united in its Russophobia, as in a new cult religion. It’s just one tenet of the “Full spectrum dominance” cult violently embraced by an American establishment that sees itself being diminished by the natural growth and development of others coming up in the world. We hear members of the establishment saying the same things day after day, not just Democrats.

The American Naval commander on the aircraft carrier, Harry S. Truman, going into Norwegian waters made truly stupid remarks earlier today concerning Russia. He does not speak for a party. And his boss, Commander-in-Chief Trump, obviously accepted both the aggressive naval move and the dumb words from a subordinate commander.

We all hoped Trump could bring some end or diminishment to the dangerous Russophobia, but he has absolutely proven that he is not able to do so, that he is, indeed, weak despite his constant bluster.

For hopeful people in the world, Trump is a total failure. He hasn’t made any progress on any things worth talking about – like relations with Russia or getting out of Syria – he has only made a lot of noise and threats and created still other problems. He represents no hope of any kind.

So, it is good if the mid-term elections paralyze him for the next two years. Very good.

Getting wound-up about Clinton – who indeed is as crooked as they come – removes attention from the next important goal, paralyzing Trump and his many stupidities.

Look at the hideous cabinet Trump has appointed. Look at Trump insulting friends and allies while pursuing chaotic goals. Look at the way the mass murderer who leads Israel has been treated as a favorite son. Look at the threats against the volume of world trade and a fragile world economy.

He’s best hog-tied in November.

That won’t change the total outlook – Russophobia we have to live with, I fear, for a long time – but it will change enough other, perhaps not-quite-so-big things so that it can be counted a gain.

Any expectations that someone will come along and change or enlighten America’s establishment with facts and rationality and courage are just foolish. And there are no knights on white chargers waiting in the wings.

Why, just in the last day, there was presidential-hopeful, Joe Biden, waving his arms, bugging his eyes, and saying things about Russia for which he should have been laughed out of the room. But he wasn’t, and neither is Britain’s Prime Minister May, someone just totally under America’s imperial thumb, making unsupported charge after unsupported charge.

Trump has proven more of a drunken, farting fool riding an ass than a knight on a charger, but his desperate followers manage to convince themselves they see something else.

The biggest danger he represents is upping the ante constantly with the establishment. He’ll literally do anything to stay in office. He already literally sold American foreign policy in the Middle East for the promise of tens of millions in campaign funds in 2020. His is about as dangerous a motivation as I can imagine, whining to the super-rich establishment: “Please, just keep me in office, and I’ll give everything you ever wanted, and more!”

The American sickness must run its course until it abates. So, plan for the worst, and you cannot go too far wrong. We are past hoping for America in this generation. With its continued inevitable relative decline plus the realization of all the damage to relationships being done by throwing its weight around, eventually realism must set in.

Posted October 13, 2018 by JOHN CHUCKMAN in Uncategorized


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