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‘Credible evidence’ Saudi crown prince is responsible for Khashoggi killing, UN says

Saudi Arabia’s foreign affairs minister rejects report, saying it contains ‘clear contradictions’


One wag has suitably nicknamed this charmer as Prince Bone-saw.

The bloody Crown Prince is protected for one major reason, he does a lot of dirty work in the region that the United States wants done. He has, as they say, earned his “creds.” And, let’s face it, when you are running a brutal empire as the United States is, you can’t be overly picky about your friends.

It helps that the Prince buys vast amounts of military gear, tens of billions worth, but he would never have been allowed to buy such quantities – Israel would be on the phone to the President immediately – if he weren’t doing so much approved and welcome work.

His assuming power was effectively a palace coup. He kidnapped a large number of fellow Saudi princes, some with claims to the throne as valid as his, and held them to ransom for many tens of billions of dollars and, most importantly, submission to him.

In the established ways of this fabulously rich clan, agreement among the various chief members is reached on who is to become the next ruler, much the way the Catholic Church’s Cardinals, Princes of the Church, meet in secret to select the next Pope. But the Crown Prince was having none of that. The current king retains his title, but he is old and said to be rather senile.

So, we have a young and energetic Prince effectively ruling, one, as it happens, with a notoriously fragile ego – he is said to have been furious over some of Khashoggi’s writing – and a great relish for bloodshed. There are unconfirmed stories about a good many other bloody deeds.

But through the entire palace coup and Mafia-style shake-down operation, we heard no complaints from the US or Canada.

Then, he briefly imprisoned Lebanon’s President Hariri who flew to Saudi Arabia on a false-pretext invitation. Hariri’s plane was blocked, and he was arrested. We never learned any details of his treatment because our press made no effort to investigate the absolutely bizarre event.

I’m sure he was threatened over some serious vulnerability, either personal or national. He was forced to resign his elected office, something that pleased American interests.

Again, no complaints from the US and Canada.

The Crown Prince has been a major supporter of the covertly-organized, fake-jihadi, mercenary outfits destroying Syria. Outfits like al-Nusra and ISIS had a lot of their costs covertly paid by him. He was, of course, trying to do something the US very much wanted done, and that is to see Syria toppled. So far, over half a million people have died, and great parts of that beautiful and historic land have been laid waste.

Again, no complaints from the US and Canada.

Indeed, in this case, we just get a continuous stream of Iraq-invasion-quality nonsense about who is doing what to harm Syria.

The Prince, of course, started the horrendous war in Yemen, something covertly supported by the US and its allies. Busloads of women and children have been incinerated. Starvation and disease have been employed as weapons.

Again, no complaints from the US or Canada.

He has brutally suppressed Shia Muslims inside Saudi Arabia, literally bulldozing some areas where they lived, the Shia, of course, being sympathetic with their fellow Shia religionists in Syria, Iraq, and Iran.

Again, no complaints from the US and Canada.

The number of beheadings and crucifixions – yes, they still do that for certain offences – has strikingly increased in the Crown Prince’s Saudi Arabia, and we have very young people, teenagers, sometimes sentenced to death for political beliefs. At one point, the government was looking to hire some additional swordsmen to handle the increased workload.

Again, no complaints from the US and Canada.

No, the US and Canada just smile and sell warehouse-sized lots of military gear to the Prince.

And not that long-ago, Western newspapers were filled with disinformation articles about what a breath of fresh air the Prince was, how progressive he was. The Guardian in Britain was most notable in the effort.

The Prince did a grand tour in the United States to meet every influential person they could line up to shake hands with him, such was his manufactured renown. This was all, of course, a little before he had a man cut-up alive and burnt in a backyard barbecue for writing things he didn’t like.

Israel’s Netanyahu has gone out of his way to express admiration and friendship, but that isn’t hard to understand. Twenty years ago, Saudi Arabia was a very vocal critic of Israel. Events of 9/11, bringing intense fears of an American invasion on a flimsy pretext, caused an abrupt change of course for the kingdom.

The Prince assuming power is the ultimate result, and he has established such a close relationship that Israel has become a secret ally. They work together on a number of bloody projects, from Syria to Yemen and to threatening Iran, making theirs a genuine brotherhood of blood.



It is only owing to revelations by Turkey’s Erdogan that details of the Khashoggi butchery came to light. Here is some early stuff which might interest you:


This may also be of interest:




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It means supporting a man who has never once been directly elected by people. A man with a perpetual minority who rules through deals with other smaller minority parties, most of which are about as prejudiced and anti-democratic as you will find anywhere on the planet.

Only recently, there were reports of Netanyahu’s trying to strike a deal for some restrictions on women being on streets in return for the support of an ultra-orthodox party whose enlightenment values are zero. He didn’t succeed, but not for lack of trying, so he has called another election.

This is also a man whose entire record is fanatical, stained many times over with the blood of thousands and thousands of people, people in Gaza, on the Mediterranean Sea, in the West Bank, in Southern Lebanon, and it is overwhelmingly the case that his victims have been civilians, a great many of them women and children.

A man not interested in peace as most people understand it but with the “peace” that comes in dominating others. He also has always shown an inclination to steal yet more of the property of others than he already has. His desire to dominate is why he has such a shared spirit with Donald Trump, why they admire each other. Of course, It would not be so if these two political scorpions had to share the same political arena.

Netanyahu’s years-long aggressive struggles for dominance and expansion may not have been anything on a scale with the world wars in Europe, but they have been unceasing, persistent, and bloody. And they all have been concerned with similar goals as the brutal wars in Europe, suppressing people you don’t like and taking their property. In philosophical and ethical terms, Netanyahu represents the same values as the jackboot crowd.

But you cannot look at this man’s drives and efforts only inside the geography of Israel and Palestine.

Here is a keen supporter of the bloodiest tyrant we have seen in a while, the new Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. A man who slaughters women and children in Yemen, who slaughters women and children in Syria, a man who openly has opponents brutally murdered, who oppresses the Shia Muslim minority in his own country, and a man supporting record numbers of bloody executions, including the executions of some teen-agers.

Netanyahu is also a keen supporter of President (Generalissimo) el-Sisi in Egypt, a man who holds Egypt’s only former elected president, Mohammed Morsi, in prison under death sentence. A man who regularly imprisons and tortures opponents by the hundreds and sometimes shoots people in the streets. Countless people rot in jails, forgotten. He is a man who was secretly sponsored to become leader of Egypt by Netanyahu. Indeed, it is known that a good deal of pressure was applied to Obama to help topple Egypt’s only democratically-elected government, that of Morsi, because Netanyahu simply loathed it.

Netanyahu is a man who has supported America’s long series of bloody, offensive wars in the Middle East, the so-called Neo-con Wars, whose purpose, through massive amounts of killing, has been to create “a rebirth of the Middle East,” one along lines acceptable to Israel and its imperial protector, the United States. He has been deeply involved in supporting such terrorists as al-Nusra and ISIS in Syria, both directly and through support of the efforts of Saudi Arabia, a country which has secretly paid much of the costs of the dirty work of these terrorists.

Over the years, many caches of Israeli-made weapons have been uncovered by Syria’s army. And Netanyahu openly has served wounded terrorists in Northern Israeli hospitals as well as at times having hundreds of them shifted around from one location to another by helicopter. His objectives in Syria have always been to make permanent Israel’s theft of the Golan Heights, to expand that holding even further, with, if possible, another slice of Syria, and to see the reasonable leader of the religiously-pluralistic society, Syria, eliminated and replaced by someone more along the lines of the Arab leaders he so fervently embraces.

Now, he has underway one of his biggest projects, either the toppling of Iran or the start of a war against it, a war led by the United States with Israel just enjoying the show from the sidelines. He has, inside Israel, vociferously taken credit for guiding Donald Trump on the destructive course he has taken.

This is an extremely dangerous project, a threat to all the people of the region, but Netanyahu is able, as is so often the case with various dirty projects, to keep his head down and let others assume center stage. The United States endorses such behavior because it knows how much antipathetic feeling there would be against Israel were it obvious to everyone who really leads the charge. And a Donald Trump is just the kind of warped personality only too happy to take credit for anything, no matter how destructive, which casts him in the light of someone who gets things done.