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John Chuckman



And, Jonathan Freedland, you’re no Seymour Hersh or I. F. Stone or Carl Bernstein or Robert Fisk – a few of our finer journalists.

This piece is simply vacuous.

Essentially, it is just one more Guardian attack on Corbyn, and a rather cowardly one.

I truly think Guardian readers should ask why this newspaper, once considered as representing the interests of working people and progressives, gives such an inordinate amount of space to attacking, week after week, a decent and thoughtful politician?

Why is he such a threat?

And Freedland is silly at his own game here.

The Guardian always dismisses Corbyn as “unrealistic,” which is just code for: outside the establishment which the paper now so desperately works to support and do good works for.

Just look at the ridiculous article celebrating Rupert Murdoch and his aging Lady Gaga which has run for two days, and with no comments allowed. It is at least the third article on the dreary subject I can remember. That somehow represents the interests of working people and progressives?

Bernie’s a refreshing voice, and I like him, but, as I’ve said, he has the proverbial “snow ball’s chance in hell” of being elected.

A self-declared “democratic socialist” becoming leader of a belligerent, plutocratic empire?

Unless you know America well, it is hard to describe how absurd that notion is. I spent nearly half my life there and still study aspects of it, and I can honestly say that its brutality, belligerence and its plutocratic nature have only increased, become overwhelming, virtually cancerous, as I could never have imagined many decades ago.

If Sanders were somehow to manage the double miracle of getting the nomination and then winning the election, either he or the empire would have to change.

Want to guess which one it would be?


Footnote on how it works in America. Sanders won a landslide victory in New Hampshire, yet he leaves the state with roughly the same number of delegates as Hillary. And the party has an institution known as super-delegates – there are many hundreds of them – who have no responsibility to vote at the convention as the people voted in the primaries. I believe something approaching half of these already are pledged to Hillary.

And in the end, were a double miracle to happen, there is always the Kennedy Solution. Already used a few times in the past, why would anyone doubt that today’s bloated, rich secret organizations now killing people daily in half a dozen countries would hesitate?

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