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John Chuckman



This is appalling. The people running Facebook regularly censor the most innocuous postings, such as the picture of the breast of a woman who wanted to teach people something about breast cancer.

It is the neo-cons and Israel Lobby and that portion of the American establishment in bed them which represent the most serious and determined threat to Trump. And Facebook clearly represents a segment of those combined interests, it having a definite reputation for its willing cooperation with American security agencies.

These interests are afraid that years of meaningless American wars – meaningless, that is, in terms of genuinely American interests, quite apart from their assault on the world’s peace and good order – and belligerent policies which serve Israel’s most selfish interests might be coming to an end.

And many of us, while not great admirers of Trump, also believe that this is one policy area of some promise from this very independent-minded man.

However, Trump and his supporters greatly overestimate the power of a president to get anything done, anything that is which goes against established policies.

John and Robert Kennedy discovered this truth in the early 1960s. The CIA and the Pentagon simply ignored them on more than one occasion.

The Pentagon also kept pushing big plans such as an all-out nuclear attack on Russia as late as 1961. Kennedy more than once left big meetings feeling sick at his stomach and keenly aware he did not have the control a president should in theory have.

Truly, any change in the policies covering the Middle East would be met by massive (although not open) opposition from all those who’ve worked on it for years and all those who benefit by it, and that is a very powerful and wealthy group.

I’m convinced that all the noise over Trump – Mitt Romney’s ridiculous and irresponsible speech to George Clooney’s precious-boy name-calling, the Pope’s unprecedented blundering comments, Facebook’s behavior to The Weekly Standard’s hectoring – represents only the first grumblings of these interests.

If Trump does get the nomination – after all, the establishment, much like security agencies in their black operations, does not do things in plain view, so I tend to doubt there will be a slamming of the doors against his nomination – we are going to have the dirtiest political campaign on record.

This kind of behavior from a guy like Mark Zuckerberg, who usually tries very hard to put on a meek and mild public face, represents just the first whiff of a very dirty war to come.

It will be fun to watch, but the outcome will certainly launch us into unknown territory with a Trump victory.

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