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John Chuckman



This is only good and proper, but I must say if were not for important sites on the Internet, bent people like Wasserman Schultz would never be uncovered.

The conventional press does virtually no investigative reporting. Even more, it actually consorts with people like Wasserman Schultz to carry out anti-democratic plans. This is particularly true in the United States.

Now, Bernie, you need to act, too. You asked for her resignation, but that is not enough.

Your admirers and supporters have been hurt by your endorsing Hillary Clinton, the beneficiary of all this crooked business, Wasserman Schultz being a close friend of Clinton as well as a biased supporter.

You must withdraw your endorsement of this terribly crooked candidate who has worked to cheat you at every turn.

Her record against you represents the most corrupt effort in modern American primaries.

A million ballots destroyed in California. Hundreds of thousands of likely Bernie supporters removed from the rolls and unable to vote in New York. Voters in Arizona sent to the wrong place and no ballots at some polls.


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