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John Chuckman



This is one of the most important diplomatic revolutions of our time.

And Putin – without question, the finest statesman of our time – is responsible for it.

I do not like Mr Erdogan, but he is legitimate leader of his country and must be dealt with.

It is rather amusing to see American plans in the region begin to crumble, but these plans were always aggressive and destabilizing.

The assault, through proxies, of Syria is one of the genuine war crimes of our day.

Well, I think the Americans just lost their key regional partner in that dirty business.

There can be little doubt of American complicity in the coup. After all, the NSA has the best electromagnetic spying resources in the world, and Washington made no effort to warn or assist Erdogan.

Putin did, his security forces having picked up helicopter chatter of some conspirators.

Seems like the old boys at the CIA just can’t run a good coup anymore.

The one in Ukraine was also a disaster.

Perhaps it’s because they are trying to run just too many of them and in large, complicated countries.

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