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John Chuckman



I’m sure this article is more of the usual Independent anti-Trump crap.

But, in fact, it would be only right for this outrageous international criminal to be prosecuted in other jurisdictions.

There are dozens of justified examples, including the matter of thousands of dead women and their families in Libya and Syria.

But perhaps the most touching example was the Clinton Foundation work in Haiti after the earthquake.

$30 million was collected by the Foundation for relief in that horror which killed about a quarter of a million people, but it just literally disappeared.

The Foundation’s own books say it spent $3 million, and they do not even specify on what.

Chartered air flights? Luxury hotel accommodation? Fees and expenses for photographers to do come-on advertising brochure pictures?

We do know there was no help of any substance to the poor people despite $30 million in the coffers.

Somehow, too, Chelsea, a woman who has never done an honest day’s work in her life, came up with $3 million for her wedding, almost as though she were a Royal.

Of course, Chelsea served as executive on the Clinton Foundation and, one way or another, that’s where the money likely came from.

A truly disgusting bunch, the Clintons.

America’s Ceausescus.

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